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Become a Difference maker!


You can make a difference today by giving the lasting gift that leads to transformation.  So many people are unsure of how to push past their current circumstances.  Maybe you can relate.  


Every dollar you give to The Dented Fender equips a person who is hurting to find the tools they need, like courses, events and prayer, to transform their story. People need YOU! 


Thank you for considering contributing to the mission of empowering others to boldly shine.  You are the lifeblood of The DF and we couldn't do what we do without you!

Thank you for being a difference maker!

Meet Our Platinum Fender Donors

Thank you to the folks who have been able to donate $500 or more to The DF.  

Pat & Donna Griffor

The Bourgraf Family
Roland & Rhonda Foreman

Jeffrey Griffor
Matthew Henderson
Feldkamp Marketing

Steven Rice

Cathy Baker

Winston Faircloth
Barbara Lownsbury
Steve Wahl

Eric Miller

Brian Bourgraf

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