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Give your time, volunteer with us!

The DF is all about equipping people to find a true, genuine connection with a Father who loves them enough to bring out the best in them, even when they think they can't.  In order to equip folks to get prayer, experience spiritual growth and relevant bible study, we need your help! Make an eternal difference by volunteering with The DF ministry.

What Volunteers Can Expect: Our goal is to create an environment that allows you to work in areas that you excel in and love whether its behind the scenes or out in front. We want you to boldly shine in your role and succeed in having a meaningful volunteer experience.  You can expect to be treated with respect and for your contributions to be appreciated.


We value diversity and will not discriminate. ALL abilities are of value with The Dented Fender and we strive to be accessible. We go the extra mile to ensure your loyalty and success. Before you dive in, know that you are already appreciated just for taking the first step!

Thank you for offering your valuable time! Someone will connect with you soon.

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