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Spiritual growth and transformation are at the heart of every Boldly Shine live or online class

Dan's Story

Initially I had some reservations about the course, but I decided to give it a try. I realized that I was stuck in my thought/life processes on some of my internal struggles. What this course was able to convey to me was that God has freely given a “GPS Roadmap,” a map that now guides me on how to build a solid foundation to approach my life as well as the people within it. The classes are honey to the soul and I HIGHLY recommend the Boldly Shine bible study to anyone looking to become unstuck and grow in the life God wants for all of us!


Beth's Story

The life I had was torn out from underneath me. I was desperate to find direction. I was drowning in sadness, misery and depression. I felt frightened, alone and empty. I took the Boldly Shine course and realized quickly I was part of something special. I have learned to trust and believe in myself again. Today, I stand tall, hold my head up, smile, laugh and feel like I am ENOUGH. I am no longer alone or scared because I have the most important person with me at all times: God.

Adrian's Story

Using What's Broken to Boldly Shine is a seminal work that combines practical information with God-given wisdom, all very effective in helping find the way back from life's temporary setbacks.  If the art of living is the ability to utilize misfortunes in a beneficial and constructive manner, Barbara Lownsbury has provided a superb example of how this is to be accomplished.   [It's] a compelling and spiritual harvest of redemptive insights that excite and challenge.   

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Sylvia's Story

I am grateful for a ministry like yours to bring new life, new hope and new truths about God's everlasting love for me and my family.  I am several feet further than I was before to seeking light and love at the end of my tunnel.  I believe the spiritual truths Barb Lownsbury has shared with me through her teaching will help me move forward.  I am doing the work it takes!

Pat's Story

I love The Dented Fender Ministry because it provides a path of hope when we hit a rough patch to a place of restoration and peace.  We will all hit a bump in the road of life, and having a tool like The Dented Fender to successfully navigate forward again is where the true power of this ministry lives!  You will experience spiritual growth here.

Laurie's Story

The Boldly Shine online class helped grow my spiritual life like I had never experienced.  It gave me practical tools to help me on God's path of reconciliation for relationships in my life.  I feel empowered to move forward and faithfully pursue my dreams within my family and my business.  

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