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Barbara Lownsbury brings heart-felt inspiration wherever she goes!  INVITE BARB LOWNSBURY TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT.

Meet Barb Lownsbury, the refreshing voice in women's Christian speaking. With down-to-earth wisdom, she uplifts women, helping them embrace their God-given identities and shine with faith and resilience. Don't miss her!

​"The more you tie into God's deep and profound love for you and into His incredible mercy and grace, the more you will find yourself changing in ways you can't even yet imagine."
--Barb Lownsbury
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Get ready to meet Barb Lownsbury, a breath of fresh air in the world of women's Christian speakers. She's the kind of person you'd love to chat with over a cup of coffee – down-to-earth, relatable, and brimming with wisdom. From speaking and writing to leading and blogging, Barb does it all with a practical and uplifting approach.


Her mission? To uplift women who've faced life's curveballs – the ones with a few "dented fenders" – and help them rock their God-given identities. Through her engaging talks and relatable stories, Barb shows these women how to confidently shine their light, becoming real-life examples of faith and resilience that event planners are itching to bring to their stages. Her messages are like a reassuring hug, reminding us to embrace our quirks and live out kindness and love.

Barbara effortlessly connects with people on a relatable and genuine level, making her a standout speaker and teacher. Her talks are like heartfelt conversations with a friend who really understands. She brings her own life experiences and moments from her ministry into her talks, captivating audiences with engaging stories, depth, and a sprinkle of humor. Her talks aren’t superficial; they’re brimming with down-to-earth tools that translate seamlessly into real life long after the event is over.  

Through her stories and wisdom, Barb helps us uncover the hidden strengths we often overlook within ourselves. It's like she's handing us a flashlight to navigate the darkness, underscoring that our faith empowers us with more resilience and potential than we’ve ever imagined.  She's here to remind us that our dented fenders are just a part of our unique story – and when we own them, we become the shining examples of faith, love, and resilience that the world needs.


With Barb, you're not just hiring a speaker; you're gaining a partner who's genuinely committed to enhancing your event. She brings a selection of thoughtfully prepared topics to choose from, and what's truly remarkable is her openness to craft personalized content that aligns seamlessly with your event's essence. Whether you opt for one of her engaging pre-designed topics or aim for something entirely unique, Barb's collaborative approach ensures your event will stand out. Your vision is the priority, and with Barb's expertise, together you can create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Barbara is an author and entrepreneur, with a Bachelor’s degree in International History and a Master's degree in Education.  Her book, Using What’s Broken to Boldly Shine, is a must-read for anyone seeking transformation through life's trials. And if you're looking for a weekly dose of motivation, her blog is a go-to destination, offering encouragement and strength for the journey ahead.

Barb serves in various ministries in leadership capacities and is the Executive Director for The Dented Fender Ministry.  When she's not inspiring crowds, she's whipping up treats in the kitchen, soaking in the great outdoors, or hanging out with her family.  She calls Dayton, Ohio home, alongside her husband and their blended family of seven.  

What people are saying

"I love the way Barb ties in scripture references in a way that feels real and not preachy. I never realized how comforting God’s word can be."

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