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Training at the DFM

Welcome to our dedicated webpage designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in delivering Dented Fender's class content. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just stepping into the role, this training resource aims to enhance your capabilities and boost the overall success of your participants' experience. Invest in your professional development and become a facilitator who not only imparts knowledge, but also inspires and empowers participants on their learning journey.  Click on section titles or the icons to get started.

Sharpen those listening skills with this video on active listening! As a group discussion leader, you'll refine your ability to truly hear what others are saying, pick up on subtle cues, and respond effectively. 

Give your group communication prowess a turbo boost, ensuring smoother, more productive discussions every time, even in the face of challenges with this live discussion.

Explore our collection of sample ice-breaker questions along with additional resources to spark engagement and connection in small group settings.

Having ground rules fosters an open, productive group where thoughts can be expressed without fear of judgment or hostility, creating open, productive dialogue while preventing misunderstandings and conflicts.

Special Touches

Incorporating special touches into a class elevates it, making it memorable and meaningful for participants. Learn to create lasting impressions and foster deeper connections with the material.

Share this short video as a lead-in to a vision board event.  Click on the links below for directions and participant fact sheet.



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