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Stuck. Unsure of how to move forward through the challenges you face. Sound familiar? Get tools to transform your story with Boldly Shine.

BOLDLY SHINE is a 9-week courses packed with relevant principles and practical applications designed to equip you to not just move forward, but to do it in a way that makes you better and richer for the journey. Starts January 22, 2022.
Topics include:

VISION  Begin to believe you can heal and change because God can heal and change you. 

CONNECTION Learn to tie deeply into God and to others who are on your side and want to help you to heal.

BRAVERY Start to push past your fear and learn from your challenges

INTENTIONALITY Establish concrete, specific steps to change your situation. 

CONSISTENCY Train for the important step of developing and maintaining healthy habits.

BOLDLY SHINE Step back and watch what God can do, marking the moments of victory and learning to refine your vision as you listen for God’s ongoing direction for your life.

You'll learn how to apply all of that plus more inside the Boldly Shine course.   You'll also get ...

  • FREE copy of the Boldly Shine Workbook to access additional key information and navigate you seamlessly through the course.

  • A step-by-step process to guide you forward in a way that is easy to grasp and implement. You will receive new content to complete each week at your own pace.

  • Answers to your questions--especially the ones you can't find on google. This is the real deal with someone who works with and teaches people how to overcome difficulties every day.

  • Real strategies you can use and implement for immediate and long-term impact.

  • Tried and tested information that has been PROVEN time and time again to positively impact lives.

  • True life transformation that equips you to face any challenge ahead with greater faith and clarity.

Additionally, you'll get ...

  • Interactive weekly discussions facilitated in a safe, encouraging environment for maximum growth potential.

  • A free copy of the book Using What's Broken to Boldly Shine, the backbone of this course and The Dented Fender ministry.

PLUS Special Gifts and BONUS CONTENT

COST: $89

Includes all 9 weeks plus an optional 10th week

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