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Barb Lownsbury's reputation as a motivational speaker, author and teacher is built on her ability to connect with people in a way that is relatable and genuine. She draws on her life and ministry experiences to pull in audiences with her story telling, depth and humor while equipping them with concrete tools to move forward long after they’ve gone home.  Her focus is on empowering others to experience greater spiritual growth by deepening their walk with God, especially during times of struggle.

Interviews with Barb

Podcasts with Barb

Christian Women_ Find Your Balance INST.

Women juggle many competing priorities. Learn how to prioritize yours during this podcast. Visit:

What does it take to start over?  Find out on BEGIN AGAIN hosted by Winston Faircloth


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What are people saying?

“Fantastic!  Thought provoking speaker!”

“I think Barb is a great messenger–honest, personable, reliable and inspiring–and has done a great job backing up her message with scripture and encouraging explanations.”

“Truly Amazing.”


“She’s so uplifting! I have been living in fear recently and feeling a little turned off from God, so her message was very good to hear. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.”


“Her message was so relevant to my current life situation.”


“I love the way Barb ties in scripture references in a way that feels real and not preachy. I never realized how comforting God’s word can be.”


“What Barb shares would help anyone move forward.”


“The message Barb shared was extremely powerful! I’ve come to realize the more I understand the type of relationship God desires, the closer we will become.”


“I loved hearing about how stepping out of my safety zone = growth. That’s one of my biggest struggles.”


“Very personally hit me tonight. I didn’t realize until tonight how much of my struggle was because I needed a new vision.”


“Barb’s lesson literally turned my life around.”


“I was reminded of how blessed I’ve been in my relationship with my husband. I need to not take him for granted.”


“Everything Barb shared was right on target. Great use of scripture!”

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