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Introducing MEGAN SITES!

I am proud to introduce Megan Sites to the Dented Fender team.  Megan has an amazing heart for God and for people to go along with that fantastic smile.  She is a warm, dynamic woman with a writing style to match, and I believe we will all learn a lot from her.

Megan has been leading in ministry for the last 13 years.  She dedicated her 20’s to working in student ministries and speaking to youth groups about their identity as the beloved of Christ and now works with Renewal Women leading and speaking about the transforming power of Jesus.  Shes loves speaking and writing about the little lessons Jesus teaches her daily, and desires to live a life that’s full of lovesickness for King Jesus.

Megan and her husband, Scott, have been married for 4 and half years and she has three step-kids: Addison (15), Anderson (11) and Allison (10).  Staying home with them has become her greatest joy. She also enjoys her home full of furry love with three dogs and two cats. She loves traveling with her family and the summertime spent by the pool.  There is also little in this world she loves more than Disney World.

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