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I am excited to announce that for the very first time I will be hosting my class just north of Cincinnati in the beautiful city of Mason, Ohio. We’ll be meeting at Crossroads Mason on 990 Reading Road starting JANUARY 17th at 6:30 pm. The class goes for 9 weeks with an optional 10th week on Parenting through Trial. To register, CLICK HERE. This class if filling quickly so sign-up now to guarantee your spot.

Course Description The Dented Fender: Using What’s Broken to Boldly Shine

Life has a way of kicking the faith right out of us. We can feel frustrated, hopeless, helpless, and lifeless. The good news? God is that 4thquarter Quarterback, the creator of incredible comebacks when all hope seems lost. This class is all about you, unstuck and moving forward. It isn’t designed to “fix” you, or tell you to do steps 1-5 and you’ll be “happy.” Instead, the goal is to help you find your own answers using key principles and practical steps to guide you along your way. It may not be as easy, but it will be empowering! Come join this 9-week series with Barb Lownsbury and The Dented Fender team to begin your journey of growth, transformation, and personal renewal so you can once again boldly shine.

Week 1: There is a Way Out – The Tunnel

Week 2: Discover the Exit – Vision

Week 3: Meet Your Guide – Connection

Week 4: Grab the Keys – Bravery

Week 5: Strength for the Journey – Connection with Others

Week 6: Start Driving – Intentionality

Week 7: Tackle the Detours – Consistency

Week 8: Keep Driving – Intentionality with Others

Week 9: Leaving the Tunnel Behind – Renewal

BONUS: Driving with Care – Intentional Parenting (optional session)

This is a beginner to advanced class with discussion and light homework. Cost is $20. Hope to see you there!

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