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NEW: Karisa Moore!

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I am excited to welcome Karisa to The Dented Fender team.  I had the privilege of meeting Karisa at a book signing event we were both at.  We both knew right away God had crossed our paths for something special.  Not only is Karisa a gifted writer, but she has a strong walk with God that has only grown as she’s engaged in spiritual battle to exit her life’s tunnel.  You will read her first blog tomorrow, but for now:

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Karisa Moore speaks on the unspeakable.

Suicide and depression were something she spent her first twenty years escaping. She found hope and healing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. She wanted so much more for her kids, but in 2014 suicide took her oldest son. Determined to grieve with hope, she used her skills as a poet and devotional writer to encourage friends and family members of her son to turn the page on suicide.  Sharing God’s love, the struggle with pain and trauma, and encouraging others through writing, became her new mission. Words don’t just talk . . . they sing, dance, laugh and breath life.

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She is the author of Broken Butterflies: Emerging Through Grief, A Suicide Survivor’s Poetic Journal, blogger at,and speaker on depression, suicide, grief and hope through Christ Jesus.  She loves long hikes in the nature park, photography and great stories. She lives with her husband, and two younger children who remind her every day what a precious gift it is to be Turning the Page on Suicide.


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