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Some Cool & Important Updates, Including Info on My Book!

I want to thank you for being a subscriber to The Dented Fender. Your ongoing readership, support and encouragement have meant the world to me! We have grown tremendously this last year, all by word of mouth. I wanted to let you know we are about to pass the 10,000 hits marker – we are so close! It has been your readership and your efforts that have made this so successful! I would like to ask you to consider forwarding our blog to anyone you think might find it of value.

I try very hard to keep the blog focused on one thing: applying God’s thoughtful wisdom to your current situation in practical steps. Since that is my end game, I try to keep updates of this nature to a minimum. I did want to let each of you know, however, I have finally finished my book! I will have one more editing round, and then it will be shopped out to various publishers. I am also preparing new class offerings for the fall. If you would like to receive updates on both the book and upcoming classes (you know me – there won’t be too many! I can’t stand junk emails!!), please email me at I will be sure to keep you in the loop!

Again, thank you for making what I do so worthwhile! Keep those suggestions and comments coming! Each of you helps shape and mold The Dented Fender into becoming a more useful resource.


Barb Lownsbury

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