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That Isn’t Fair!

By Barb Lownsbury

The swish-swish of the windshield wipers kept rhythm as I searched through the dreary, rainy parking lot for a close parking space. No way did I want to hike through this torrential down pour any more than was absolutely necessary! Ah hah!, I thought. There’s a spot!

I shifted impatiently in my seat, my turn signal joining in the cacophony of noise in my car, as I waited for what seemed like forever as the current parking spot tenant took her time to back up and leave.

Finally, red tailgate lights greeted me through the gray weather, signaling me that the space would soon be mine. Only the car backed up in a way that blocked my entry, and before I knew what was happening, another car quickly zipped in and took the spot I had been somewhat impatiently waiting for, even though I had clearly signaled.

Really?!, my mind yelled. This is so unfair! I glared at the other driver, not that it mattered. They ignored me all together and ran into the store quickly to try and beat the rain. I moodily circled the parking lot, my attitude matching the yucky weather all around me.

Isn’t that life sometimes? You get everything all lined up. You work to get the pieces in place. You struggle to maintain a positive attitude throughout, and then wham! Life cuts in on you and mucks the whole thing up.

Only it’s not a simple parking spot. It’s the promotion you felt like you deserved going to another, or