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The Comparison Thief

A whispering from God … Comparison is the thief of joy. Rest in Me My child. Know that I love you, yes you, all your curves and edges, weaknesses and strengths. I have carefully crafted you to be who you are. Your strengths are for My glory. Your weaknesses are there to teach you to rely on Me more deeply. Sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself to others. I see you do this too often. We are all perfect before My throne. That is the gift My Son bestowed on you. Your weaknesses are vessels that allow My strength and power to heal and change be seen. Your strengths are there to allow My glory to shine in your life, and so you can be a light, a beacon to others. You are the only you. There is no other. No one else can play the role I have for you. No one else can offer up your unique contributions to this world. You are My plan. So don’t compare yourself to others. It is limiting and defeating. Instead, focus on standing in My powerful presence, allowing Me to dwell in and guide your life. Rejoice in others’ strengths and encourage them in areas of struggle, yes, but allow Me to do the same for you, and know I give you permission to do the same for yourself. I delight in you, My child, always. Rest secure in My peace and My presence for you are Mine. For Further Thought: When I hear this, the scripture that comes to mind is John 10:10-11a which says, “The thief comes with the full intention of killing, stealing and destroying, but I came to bring them life, and far more life than before. I am the good Shepherd.” Comparison steals our joy, destroys our confidence and kills our spirit. Or, it falsely builds us up on a foundation that time will crumble away. But embracing who we are before our Maker, all of who we are, and offering up each piece of ourselves to be used by Him brings not only life, but a life that is far more rich and rewarding because Jesus knows how to guide us. This week, in the myriad of times you catch yourself comparing, remind yourself of one of your strengths if you’re comparing yourself negatively, or of a weakness if you’re placing yourself above someone else. Offer both up to God, and thank Him each time for who He made you to be.

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