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The Dented Fender

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. I’d only had the car for maybe 6 months when my son asked me if he could borrow it for a date. I’m sure you can guess the rest!

Ironically, I have come to love my dented fender. To me, it has become a symbol of a lot of powerful life lessons. Despite the fact my life has suffered some serious blows, those blows do not define me – just as that dent doesn’t define me. I am greater than my circumstances, greater than my trials. And it’s not because I’m so awesome (thankfully!); it’s because God is. He’s taken some dark, ugly moments and turned them into something amazing and beautiful inside me. So I keep the dent in my fender. It reminds me that God uses the shamed things, the broken things of this world to do something pretty remarkable – even in someone as ordinary as me. So read, ponder, stay a while. Hopefully you’ll find something here that encourages and uplifts you. Happy reading!

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