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The Monthly Toolbox

"You're ready for spiritual growth. You've come to the right place..."

Creating space to grow spiritually in a safe, welcoming environment is so important! I wanted to make you aware of an opportunity to do just that. Every third Saturday of the month, The Dented Fender offers the Monthly Toolbox. Why the Toolbox? Because we all need more tools in our toolbox to fight for greater growth, spiritual strength and joy. Expect practical, relevant discussion centered around life-giving scripture that you can immediately apply to your everyday life.

July's topic is "Living An Intentional Life." Here is a short blurb from our website:

"Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others' choices make us." So true! Learn to become more intentional with your time and your choices at this month's Toolbox.

Purpose & passion matter. I'd love to have you join us for some honest discussion and relevant content. You'll leave encouraged and strengthened with more spiritual tools in your toolbox with this live bible study. We always start at 9:30 am EST. You can join virtually or attend in-person. I've included registration links for both options below.

Grab that cup of Joe or tea and consider joining in!

July 17th: Living An Intentional Life

Saturday 9:30 am EST

Online & In Person

LOCATION: 8837 Chapel Square Drive Unit 1A, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

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