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Push Past Fear

Ever been paralyzed by fear? I certainly have. The what if's and the obstacles overwhelm me before I even start. Fear of pain, both real and imagined, can become my excuse to stay put and stay stuck, to no longer listen for the gentle whispers of God urging me forward. And even if I do hear that whisper swirling through my soul, fear can keep me from doing.

I know that God is for my good, always. But I need reminders, you know? So, for a full year I had a quote in my car by John Shedd that said, "A ship in harbor is safe--but that is not what ships are built for." I knew God was calling me to leave the harbor toward something more. But the harbor has such a false sense of security to it. I know the harbor; I understand what happens there. I have the illusion of control--illusion because let's face it: a boat can still get destroyed in a harbor. That sense of control is merely the lie that keeps me tethered in place.

Still, the open sea can seem infinitely more scary, full of many more unknowns. There are no illusions of control to cling to out there--I have to fully depend on my Creator to navigate me through. So I debate. I cajole. I try to talk myself out of it, thinking things like, Surely I misunderstood what God was asking of me, or That can't me what I'm meant to do--it just doesn't feel right.

In those moments, I have a choice. I can either believe the lies that fear is whispering in my ear, or I can cling to Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. Sometimes I have to be reminded that I'm not called to live a safe life. I'm called to live a bold, Jesus-driven life full of faith and fresh paths of adventure. So, I held onto that harbor quote as a tangible reminder to move away from what felt safe, and to move toward Jesus' voice calling me elsewhere, to take that leap into the unknown.

When I take a leap of faith with God, whether it's surrendering the outcome of something (so hard sometimes!) or moving in a new direction I feel called to but don't quite understand, I want to feel like this:

And sometimes I do! I am at peace, I've witnessed the ways God has blessed such leaps in the past, and I jump off the cliff with faith and confidence. I feel the wind whipping through my hair; my grin grows wider. I feel incredibly empowered and I soar.