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Today at 2:30

A quick announcement: today at 2:30 I have the privilege of speaking on a great podcast called “Begin Again with Winston Faircloth” (don’t you just love that last name?!).  Winston is a dear friend who has always Inspired me with his tenacity and his continual success in the business arena.  We will be talking together about the power that comes from harnessing moments of change in your life to achieve greater result even when they are emotionally hard.  Hope you can join us or at least listen over the next few days.  Here is a link:

I have more exciting news, too!  For a long time now I have been looking for ways to incorporate prayer into the DF community.  As we get ready to launch an updated web platform in the next month or so, you will now have the opportunity to not only request prayer, but to engage in a prayer community.  So keep your eyes open and check out our website and Facebook page over the next few weeks.  It should be a pretty special experience.

Tomorrow I will share Lesson #2 as promised.  You will also get to hear from the talented Karisa Moore on Saturday, too.  Exciting week!

Praying for you as a member of the DF community that your day today be filled with blessing and a sense of God’s presence.

BARBARA LOWNSBURY is an author, entrepreneur, and single mother of three.  She serves as the Executive Director for The Dented Fender ministry.  Follow Barb and The Dented Fender community on Facebook and Instagram.

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